Saturday, 21 May 2011

Men's monthly regular player scheme

If you currently pay your membership on the £20 (or less) monthly standing order scheme you should now have finished paying for your 2010/2011 season membership at the end of April.

Your May, June, July, August payments start paying for your 2011/2012 membership. It is a requirement of this discounted membership scheme that you leave your standing order in place over the summer.

We have not set the pay as you go membership rates for 2011/2012 yet and these are subject to possible increases.

If you do decide to cancel your standing order over the summer months you will not be allowed to rejoin the scheme in September without making up the missed payments from the summer and this may be at a higher rate than the £20 rate in effect at present. So the cost of rejoining in September could be at least £80 plus the dues for September.

In order to reward loyalty to the club, to date we have not asked anyone who has continued from season to season on the monthly regular player scheme to increase their standing orders so there are advantages to leaving your standing order in place at the old rates.

It costs us over £80,000 a year to run your club and your continued financial support is welcomed with gratitude.

All memberships from last season will lapse on 25th June at the club's Annual General Meeting.

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