Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Sophie Morris appointed to CMC

At the recent CMC meeting on Monday 13th Feb it was resolved to formally appoint Sophie Morris to CMC as Development Officer.

This is normally an elected position but as it is a vacancy left from the AGM, our constitution allows CMC to fill the role by cooption.

Sophie will take on responsibility for sponsorship and other aspects of marketing and communications at Millwall.

Local relations, facilities and matters like that will continue to be covered this year by David Leftley. The exception to this is the AICVC.

We are particularly grateful to Antonia Branston who has taken on the role of representing Millwall at the AICVC.


1 comment:

  1. Many thanks Andrew. I'm delighted to be involved.

    If anyone has any ideas/feedback on marketing the club, improving membership, or has a potential sponsorship contact I could approach, please get in touch at

    I look forward to meeting you all soon.