Monday, 21 May 2012

TGIF & Eurovision 2012, This Weekend at the Clubhouse!!

Well the English Rugby Season is fast drawing to a close, with the final of the 2012 Guinness Premiership at Twickenham this coming weekend.  But fear not Millwall Faithful we have a weekend of entertainment planned to keep you entertained.

You may also notice a link to each events details (on Facebook!) please let us know via the Events page if you plan to attend as it helps us order enough stock! 

Thank God its Friday - Dutch Edition - Friday 25th May.

Goedemorgen folks!!

It's another TGIF party! This time we celebrate a happy 32 years of Queen Beatrix ruling the Netherlands!
Be there! Take something orange with you!

Andrea, Caroline & JouJou

For more details visit :

Eurovision Song Contest - Saturday 26th May

Eurovision Song Contest Fancy Dress Party - yep, I know it's not as good as when Sir Terry used to do it.....but let's face it, nobody cares & you'll have been at the clubhouse since the Premiership Final anyway & won't know your Azerbaijan from your River Elbe by then.

So why not take the opportunity to upset your European friends with your cultural insensitivity by dressing up as a stereotypical European for the evening?

There will be prizes for the best dressed, (although you may not want to win them), and forfeits for those who've merely strung some Equinox garlic around their necks on the way in the door.

Party Games & drinks promotions to ensure you go home happy even if your chosen country reaps naught bur the dreaded Null Points

Wiggy & Gareth

For more details visit :

Have a great weekend guys and hopefully see you over the weekend.

Ryan & The Clubhouse Team.

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