Sunday, 17 June 2012

Important Information about Annual General Meeting this Saturday

Hello all...

Here is a quick reminder about this Saturday's Club Annual General Meeting.

1. It's very important, because it is when you an elect a committee to run the club for next season.
2. Here are the official details including information about how to nominate yourself for an elected position, and how to submit proxy votes before the deadline for doing so.
3. Here are the nominations I have received so far.  We really do need more of you to step up... and it would be good to have some contested positions this year. I've extended the deadline to TUESDAY 19th June 6pm.
4. I need to know how many trees to kill printing papers and voting slips, so PLEASE PLEASE accept this Facebook event if you are going to be there to make my job easier.  I will be doing all the printing on THURSDAY, so if you've accepted by then, I will make sure you have papers.

Being on committee doesn't need to be hard or take a long time, but you do need to be committed to the role and to looking after the club - it's in your hands!

I've written a short summary of what's involved in each of the positions.

Club Secretary

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