Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Clubhouse Keys & Access Cards Amnesty

The change over of the Committee for the coming season is now well under way.  With that in mind we are asking for any of our members (or other volunteers) who have keys to club that are no longer required to return them to the Clubhouse Officer.

Keys are only to be held by Members of the club who require regular unattended access to the clubhouse  (they are not given to anybody by default).

You may also remember that the Clubhouse Access Card policy was changed last year.  New members are no longer given access cards & instead are given regular membership cards.  The cost of access cards is very high and we simply cannot afford to replace a large volume of them.

Generally access cards are now only used for the main entrance (plus for the rear door for authorised members and suppliers only).  The rear access door is NOT to be used as a through fare when the clubhouse is open, members will be politely reminded of this during opening hours.

If you have not been to the clubhouse for a while you card has now probably expired, this will also be the case if your membership has expired.  Again we are asking for all members & volunteers who have a card but no longer need it to return it.  

We are desperately short and require new cards for incoming officials.
If you have either Keys or a Card to return please email, or simply drop them in to the Duty manager the next time you are in & they will make a note of the return.

Thanks in advance,

Ryan, Clubhouse Officer.

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