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Annual General Meeting - Formal notice April 27th

Annual General Meeting

Saturday 27th April 1pm 

75 Manchester Road
London E14 3DN

This is formal notice of the club's Annual  General Meeting

Business will include
1. Chairman's Report
2. Secretary's Report
3. Treasurer's Report including approval of accounts and presentation of provisional 2012/2013 budget

4. Motion to Incorporate the Club as a Company Limited by Guarantee* plus any other constitutional proposals 

5. Resignation of Officers

6. Election of Elected Officers:
  • Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Men's Chair*
  • Ladies' Chair*
  • Youth Chair*
  • Communications Officer
  • Development Officer
  • General Committee Member 1
  • General Committee Member 2
  • Social Secretary
  • Fixture Secretary
  • 1st XV Manager
  • 2nd XV Manager
  • 3rd XV Manager
  • 4th XV Manager
  • Venus Manager

*after election, the three chairs will come to a mutual agreement to decide which of them will take on the externally-representative role of "Club Captain" for the season.

NB: It is the recommendation of the current committee that one of the bold positions above elected also takes on the new role of "Clubhouse Officer" who will chair the Clubhouse Subcommittee and be empowered to make operational day-to-day decisions around the running of the bar and clubhouse facilities, to avoid lengthy meetings throughout the year. This unpaid supervisory CMC position is distinct from the concept of Bar Steward (paid or otherwise)

7. Volunteer vacancies (if time allows)
  • New member welcome officer
  • Registration Secretary
  • Membership Secretary
  • First Aid Officer
  • Transport Officer
  • Coaching Coordinator
  • Statistics & Caps Secretary
  • ROW Day project manger
  • Bar staff
  • Events helpers
  • House of Commons Dinner Project Manager (usually done by Social Secretary)
  • Christmas Party Organiser
  • Press Officer
  • Programme Producer
  • Noticeboards Clerk (to keep our notices tidy and current)
  • Electronic Communications Producer
  • Accountant/Book-keeper (if the treasurer elect would like assistance)
  • Minutes Secretary (if the Secretary elect would like assistance)
  • Merchandise Officer
  • Cleaning Supervisor (to liaise with and manage our paid cleaner)
  • Clubhouse Maintenance People
  • AICVC Representative
  • Charity Liaison
  • Alumni Relations Officer (keeping in touch with members who've moved away)
  • Abtech Liaison
  • Farm Liaison
  • Youth Safeguarding Officer
  • Sponsor Relationship Managers
  • Men's Playing Subcommittee additional volunteers
  • Ladies' Playing Subcommittee additional volunteers
  • Youth Playing Subcommittee additional volunteers
  • Clubhouse Subcommittee additional volunteers
  • Development Subcommittee additional volunteers

9. Any Other Business



You must be a currently paid up member of the Club to vote (for elections or for awards) or to stand for an elected position.  If you're not a member yet, please see our website to pay online in advance of the meeting.

Nominations for Elected Roles

If you would like to stand for one of the ELECTED positions listed in item 6, you should submit a nomination in by email  to Tim McDonagh ( by 1pm on Saturday 20th April. The first  round nominees, those received by  Saturday 13th April will be announced after Saturday.  

Please see the current list here

Potential candidates are strongly encouraged to find out what is involved in the role by referring to the role descriptions on the club website committee page or by asking a current or past post-holder.
Article 4.2 of the constitution allows candidates to be considered for election to more than one position if the electing members believe it is in the best interests of the club.

Volunteer Vacancies

The list of volunteer vacancies is a guide, based upon experience of some of the ways you could still help out if you don't want the responsibility of an elected position.  However the club cannot run if we are left with too many of the elected roles left vacant, so the priority for the meeting must be to fill the Elected Roles.

Voting at the meeting

Voting will be carried out by secret ballot (on paper) and voters will be able to choose between each of the candidates plus an option "none of the above/re-open nominations".  Per article 5f of the constitution, where there is only one candidate for a particular position they must gain at least 50% of the votes cast to be elected.
The constitution explains what will happen if any of the elected roles remain unfilled.

Voting in absentia by proxy

  • Members are not obliged to vote if they do not wish to do so.
  • If you are not able to attend the AGM in person, you may nominate a proxy to vote on your behalf by giving them and the Chairman\Acting Secretary notice of this in writing (email preferred) by 1pm on Wednesday 24th April. Where this is not done, the proxy vote will not be accepted.
  • Your proxy must be a current club member and no club member may carry more than 5 proxy votes. You should instruct your proxy how to vote on your behalf.
  • If you are unable to find a willing proxy, current club officers will act as proxy for you and will accept written instructions on how to vote on your behalf.
  • We want members to attend the meeting and take part in the discussions so please do make every effort to attend in person. It's your club and it's run by the members for the members.

Want to understand more about how the club committees work?

We recommend all members aquaint themselves with the constitution as well as theOperating Guide to the Management Committee and Subcommittees  which can both be found on the website in the "Club" section.

Tim, Chairman and Acting Secretary

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