Sunday, 16 June 2013

RugbyForce Weekend

Millwall Rugby Club took part in NatWest RugbyForce on 15th & 16th June, a nationwide programme developed in partnership with the RFU, which aims to help community rugby clubs become stronger businesses.

Members of the club and local community improved the rugby club’s facilities by clearing the overgrown area out the back of the clubhouse, digging and levelling the ground and then paving it to provide a safe outside storage facility, freeing up valuable space inside the clubhouse. 

Huge thanks to everyone who helped out, particularly Gareth (who organised it) & Kirstie Hargreaves, Matt Caldecourt, Gigi, Manu, Sophie Morris, Adrienne, Wiggy, George, Randall, Lorena, Sophie Buckman, Stephane, Shaun Cook, Paul Fisher, Tim, Lucie, Sarah and Karen.

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