Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Video Touch Rugby (Wed)

Video Touch Session - Wednesday July 17th 2013

Tomorrow's games will be videoed and we'll watch them in the clubhouse afterwards. Beer optional...

See how good you are, whether those items we did on Monday are coming through - switch, channels, scoop etc, whether someone really really gets back 5m, whether that ball was grounded and whether that really was a touch and pass!


  • 7.00 pm-7.30 pm - warm up
  • 7.30 pm -8.30pm - 2 x games on video
  • 9.00 pm - 9.30pm review in the clubhouse

Open day Reminder - August 10th

1. We're having a meeting in the clubhouse this Friday, 19th July at 8pm.

2. Don't forget to sign up for playing and coming to and helping in the Open Day on Saturday August 10th - Touch tournament and BBQ. Everyone will be allocated to a balanced team with different skill levels from beginner to advanced.


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