Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Clubhouse Openings this week (Hargreaves 'Hump-Day' / Curry Weds, Fri & Sat)

Wednesday 28th Aug - Hargreaves 'Hump-Day' & Curry night - Open from 7.30pm:
As training enters it's final stages before the squad training/selection day at Dagenham this weekend, Karen has come up with a great idea to literally spice things up after training and support our sponsors.

This week we have chosen to use one of our sponsors, the Gaylord, to order food for people to be delivered around 9pm when training finishes.To keep it simple and keep costs/fuss down all dishes will come with saffron rice, you just have to answer 2 questions.....
  • How hot would you like your curry (Mild, Medium, Hot)?
  • What type of curry do you want (Chicken, Lamb or veggie)?
  • All this for just  £7.50, paid in advance.
  • Orders placed by 8.15pm
In future weeks, if it's a success, we will alternate orders between the Gaylord and Byblos (and any future restaurant sponsors we gain - so if you know of any, let us know).

Friday 30th Aug – Karen's Weekend Warm-up – Open from 7.30pm:
Karen will be your companion to help you ease into the weekend this week, so pop down and see the weekend in in style.

Saturday 31st Aug – Clubhouse Open from 6pm:

The men's playing squad are at Dagenham for a squad training/selection day as part of their pre-season warm-up calendar. Why not pop down and offer your support, then come down to the clubhouse afterwards from 6pm and help Adrienne get through all of our stocks at pre-increase prices!!

Important changes from 1st September:

  • Please remember that our bar prices for alcoholic beverages are increasing for the first time in over 4 years from the 1st September (see the link to Ryan's blog). Even with these increases, I'm sure you'll agree that our new prices are STILL some of the lowest on the Island.
  • We are also introducing a minimum spend on cards of £5, this is due to increased transaction costs which we have to pay each time a card is used - so why not start a tab...
  • Also, a large number of memberships are due from 1st September, please help us by renewing your membership - you can pay behind the bar or via bank transfer (click on this link for more information).

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