Friday, 7 February 2014

Rain Rain Go Away.... Oh & Clubhouse Openings This Weekend

Hi All,

Well, if you are not yet aware the "Club Away Day" has been cancelled.  This is due to the ongoing bad weather conditions around the region.

But fear not, wipe those tears away, put away those tissues... (especially you Wiggy) as the Clubhouse will be open on Saturday to give you your fix of Six Nations Rugby...

Opening at 1PM we will be showing all both games scheduled for the day.  As per last weekend we will be closing early at 9PM.  We will also be continuing our Six Nations Offer, Pints of Guinness will be only £2 per pint from the first whistle of the first game until the final whistle of the evening fixture. (Saturday Only)

So make sure you come down for the games and show your support!



1 comment:

  1. I Wonder if the clubhouse MANAGER will grace us with his presence some time in 2014?