Saturday, 1 March 2014

Membership - Don't forget to renew yours and take advantage of End of Season ticket discount rate!


End of Season Dinner tickets at the House of Commons will be on sale soon!

Are you up to date with your membership?
To be able to take advantage of the members' discount rate tickets that could make you save up to £20, and the full facilities the club offers, don't forget to renew your membership (if not done yet, of course).

Options are:

PAYG Membership
  • Mens PAYG initial fee             - £40
  • Venus PAYG initial fee            - £40
  • Social membership                 - £30
  • Life membership                     - £1,000

If you have any questions about these changes, please speak to Gareth Hargreaves or email him on

Volunteer Discount
  • In order to encourage volunteering, we will continue to reward people who make a significant contribution of their time to the club. They will be entitled to claim 50% off their membership fees and any match day subs due. This discount will apply to all categories and methods of paying membership except life membership. In this day and age, with time an ever precious commodity, we believe this is one of the fairest ways of rewarding people who give up their time to make the club work.
  • The discount will continue to apply to all club management committee roles and all other elected positions if the position holder wishes to take advantage of it.
  • The discount will also be available to all other club (sub)committee members and volunteers, including unpaid coaches and unpaid referees upon application to the respective management committee chair and subsequent approval by CMC. A volunteer may need to pay the full amount and receive a rebate later following CMC approval.
  • The discount on subs shall apply as long as the committee member/volunteer continues to serve as such. A discounted membership shall remain valid as long as the committee member/volunteer continues to serve.  
  • For more detail on this scheme, please ask the Secretary.

Membership Cards
  • Members will receive a simple laminated card bearing their name, membership type and an expiry date to make it easier for coaches, team managers and bar staff to see whether membership is valid.
  • Membership cards will be created within 1 month of paying your membership and will be placed behind the bar for collection.

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