Sunday, 8 June 2014

2014 AGM committee results

Dear club members,

The minutes from the 2014 AGM will be written up soon but in the meantime, for those of you who weren't at the AGM, I bet you are wondering who your managing committee is for the year ahead. Thanks to everyone who put their names forward and additionally many thanks to last year’s volunteers who have stood again in their roles (green in the list below).   

So without further ado here are this season’s successful nominees:

Role    (CMC Positions are in bold)

Robin Poynder
Karen Anderson
Adrienne Meehan
Men's Chair
Shaun Cook
Ladies Chair
Johanna Sicler
Youth Chair
Scott Vinnicombe
Communications Officer
Andrew Hesselden
Development Officer
Matt Caldecourt (Cuddles)
Clubhouse Officer
Gareth Hargreaves
General Committee Member 1
Michael Paling (GG)
General Committee Member 2
Tom Bradfield (Boris)
Social Secretary
Ed Partridge
1st Team Manager
Sean Russell
2nd Team Manager
Sophie Buckman
3rd Team Manager
James Gough
Venus Manager
Amy Trakos
Fixture Secretary
Mike Beech
Club Volunteer Coordinator
Men's Tour Coordinator
Merchandise Manager
International Tickets Coordinator
Shaf Visram
Registration Secretary

Membership Secretary
Gareth Hargreaves
First Aid Co-ordinator
Tim McDonagh
Press Officer
Sponsorship Officer
Sophie Morris
Programme Producer

Andrew Hesselden
Safeguarding Officer (inc Youth)
Stuart Crooks
Transport Officer
Ronan Quigly
Coaching Coordinator
Tim / Scott
Statistics & Caps Secretary
Funding Officer
Stuart Crooks
Infrastucture/Inventory Officer

Discipline Officer
Mike Beech
OTHER - but no less important than the above!

Assistant Accountants / bookkeepers

Playing subcommittee volunteers

Clubhouse Duty Managers

Clubhouse Bar Staff

Clubhouse Maintenance Volunteers

Development subcommittee volunteers

Events Volunteers

Remaining named roles that need filling are highlighted red, as a brief description for each:

Registration Secretary 
   - who manages the registration of 1st team players working closely with the coach and team manager.

Programme Producer
  - officially in the Communications team, the programme is the weekly players newsletter with highlights from the previous week's matches, cumulative match statistics (available from the Stats & Caps Secretary), and perhaps some tongue in cheek "articles".

Infrastructure/Inventory Officer
  - this person is responsible for ensuring maintenance & care of equipment such as the portable lights & training gear, working with team managers and Clubhouse Officer.

We always need other volunteers to spread the workload – we all have day jobs so it’s important to be able to rely on a team of supporters.  If everyone can do just a little bit, we can get so much more done for our club.  So speak to one of the CMC members about joining their team (e.g. the Development team, the Events team, Clubhouse team...).

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