Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Task Force - we need you!

Dear all

As part of the drive to ensure we are always developing the club and
pulling in the best talent, we would like to invite members to join us
at 7PM on Friday 8th May, at the clubhouse.

The aim is to set up a task force of interested members, to be
creative in looking at how the club works and how we can improve what
we do.

Neil Sweeney of the RFU will be running the evening for us and giving
ideas of the kind of thing other clubs have thought of. 

Your involvement and commitment to anything going forward will depend
entirely on yourself and how you want to take this forward after the
meeting. The ongoing agenda will be defined by the members of the task

Please reply to myself (
with any indications of interest if you would like to help the club
with ideas, activity, time....

best regards

Robin Poynder

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