Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Thirst Friday the 8th of May

Since O2 Touch rugby has callously stolen our Thursday slot, (and certain members may be in danger of losing their jobs due to sudden Friday illnesses), it has been decreed that Thirst Thursday is now changed to Firsty Friday until this heretical threat has been dealt with once and for all. This tends to happen when the ground becomes regularly soft enough to again fall over without breaking stuff before the start of next season.

Onwards proud rugby players (and social beer monsters)! …Into battle, which will take place upon the hallowed paving slabs of Via (previously Via Fossa) in West India quay:

VIA Canary Wharf
2 The Port East Building
Hertsmere Road
E14 4AY

The affray will commence at approximately 17:30hrs or possibly before, (whenever the first person working in the wharf gets sick of work on a Friday).

Once more unto VIA, dear friends, once more! … The game's afoot; Follow your spirit: and upon this charge, Cry — God for Harry, England and Saint George! (or any other names/countries/patron saints applicable to whoever is coming).

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