Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Men's Tour 2016

Men of Millwall,

We will be embarking on a tour this season. The current plan is in its infancy, and goes along these lines:
  • To Revereto in Italy (our resident Italian's hometown)
  • 1st bank holiday weekend in May 2016, leave on the Friday and return on the Monday
  • Play in a tournament on the Saturday hosted by Lagaria rugby
  • Take in some Italian culture
At the moment we are getting together information on prices etc, but return flights are likely to be around £100, but we do not have any info for prices of the hostel yet.

We haven’t done a full on men’s tour for a few years, so it should be an excellent weekend.

We are putting together a contact list for people who are interested in tour, so if you are interested please email me on by 4th November to let me know and I will ensure that you get emails regarding tour information.



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