Thursday, 30 June 2016

Tickets - Autumn Internationals and Rugby Championship

After a great 2016 for England (well in rugby at least!), it’s time to think about the Autumn Internationals. As ever the Club has access to tickets to the England internationals at Twickenham. As an added bonus, there will also be a Rugby Championship clash between Argentina and Australia at Twickenham this year.
We have unlimited tickets to the Fiji, Argentina (incl. England women vs Canada women) and the rugby championship game, along with a decent allocation to the other 2. The RFU have also changed the process this year so ticket prices vary by opposition and I will not be able to apply to the RFU for additional tickets in a similar manner to previous years (there is now a ticket exchange system with other clubs where we can buy/sell tickets at a premium, but this will be the first time it is used so I do not know how it will go).
Below are the details of the games and how to apply for tickets.
1. Argentina v Australia, 8th Oct 2016 (Priced at £80, £60, £40)
2. England v South Africa, 12th Nov 2016 (Priced at £86, £76, £66, £59, £41)
3. England v Fiji, 19th Nov 2016 (Priced at £50, £35, £25)
4. England v Argentina, 26th Nov 2016 (Priced at £78, £70, £63, £55, £48, £37)
5. England v Australia, 3rd Dec 2016 (Priced at £86, £76, £66, £59, £41)
As per the normal process, to apply for tickets please email the Club by the 9th July on with the following information:
  • Which game(s) you would like to go to?
  • How many tickets you would like? (For Aus and SA this will be limited to 2 per person if there is high demand)
  • Your preferred price
  • Whether you are a volunteer and what you do (For Aus and SA preference will be given to volunteers if there is high demand)
In addition to the cost of the ticket the Club will be charging an admin fee of £5 per tickets, payable at the time of purchase.
If your application is successful, you will receive an e-mail and a date by which tickets must be paid for. If you miss this date and do not contact me, the tickets will be reallocated. Over the past couple of seasons a number of members have requested tickets and then either have not paid or failed to reply to any further e-mails. This results in other members missing out and will result in members being black listed if no explaination is provided.
To get access to these tickets, you first need to make sure your club membership is paid and up to date. We are only allowed to let you purchase tickets if you have been a member for at least 2 weeks prior to purchase.
Lastly remember the tickets are for personal use, if you are caught selling them on to a ticket tout or on the internet the Club will get in trouble and may well have our ticket allocation reduced or removed.
Good Luck and hope to see you all soon..

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