Sunday, 10 July 2016

New O2 Touch Ambassadors sought

I've decided to step down as the club's "O2 Touch Ambassador" and leave the role to someone else with some more time than I have at the moment.

Each O2 Touch club is supposed to have at least one "Ambassador", so we're looking for AT LEAST one person to do this (three would be ideal).  Basically you need to manage social media communication (which is a core part of our obligation to O2 Touch).

You'll need to tell players when touch is happening, make sure organisers tell people if they cancel a session, respond to enquiries over social media and post regular selfies and playing shots on instagram, Twitter and the club's public Facebook page using the hashtag #o2touch.

Here's a link to the job description for the role that the O2 Touch office have sent through to me.

If you're interested, please let Matt Bovaird ( or me know, or comment below... whatever you prefer.

Best wishes

NB, we're also looking for a new O2 Touch Lead Coordinator.

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