Saturday, 3 June 2017

AGM Results 3rd June 2017

Thank you to everyone who attended AGM today.

Your new Committee for 2017-18 are as follows (CMC Roles are in bold)

·         Chairman- Nacim Harrison

·         Secretary- Kirstie Hargreaves

·         Treasurer- Gareth Hargreaves

·         Men’s Chair- Ronan Murray

·         Venus Chair- Andrea Bielska

·         Youth Chair- Scott Vinnicombe

·         Communications Officer- Evan Byrne

·         Development Officer- Adam Ledlie

·         Clubhouse Officer- Paul Fisher

·         General Committee Member- Edna Schweizer

·         General Committee Member- DanielPhillips

·         Social Secretary- Kate Roy & Meg Roy

·         Fixture Secretary- Mike Beech

·         1st Team Manager- Daniel Blades & Eoin McCabe

·         2nd Team Manager- Adam Ledlie & Rob Rusk

·         3rd Team Manager- Andy Stephens

·         Venus Manager- Edna Schweizer

Also thank you to everyone who has volunteered for non committee member roles

·         Membership Secretary- Sebastian Villard

·         First Aid Co-Ordinator- Amanda Ledlie

·         Sponsorship Officer- Matt Evans

·         Webmaster- Nigel Clutterbuck

·         Transport Officer-Paul Fisher

·         Coaching Co-Ordinator- Tim McDonagh

·         Statistic & Caps Secretary- Miles Johansen

·         Men’s Tour Co-Ordinator- Sebastian Villard

·         International Tickets Co-Ordinator- Shaf Visram

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