Thursday, 11 November 2010

Clubhouse Management

A few weeks ago, we wrote to club members inviting proposals from people interested in taking on the role of Clubhouse Manager. This very important role covers all aspects of running the clubhouse bar and facilities.

To date, we've received one formal proposal and this is currently being discussed by the club committee.

In the interests of openness, transparency and general good order we would like to invite anyone else in the club with an interest in the role to get in touch as soon as possible before a final decision is reached. It is expected that the committee will make a formal decision at the next meeting. The clubhouse is a major asset and the way we run it has an impact on you, our members. So in the best interests of the club, it is only right that we go through proper and due process to ensure that everyone interested in the role has had ample opportunity to come forward.

Until this final decision is made, Dawn Doherty has kindly agreed to give her time on a voluntary basis and step up to the challenge of managing the clubhouse operation. At yesterday's committee meeting, she was appointed "Interim" Clubhouse Manager until a formal decision can be made by the committee. She'll be supported by Kev, Rick and other willing volunteers. So a big thank you to Dawn "& Co". for agreeing to do this for us.

Remember, if you are interested in the Clubhouse Management role, please contact me ( before 30th November.


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