Thursday, 11 November 2010

No-pay, No play from 20th November - "Time's up" for Non-Members

Millwall Membership runs from May to the following May, designed to coincide with the dates of our Annual General Meetings (AGMs). As such all memberships became due for renewal six months ago.

In the interests of fairness to all the people who've now paid their membership for this season, if you are not a fully-paid up member, you will not be eligible for team selection from Saturday 20th November onwards.

The only exception to this will be for new playing members this season who are still taking advantage of our "4 match trial period".

If you're a continuing playing member, (that is, you played at least one game for Millwall or Venus Rugby last season), you need to make sure that you've paid the appropriate annual fee OR that you've been paying £20 a month continuously since May this year. Only new playing members this season are eligible to join the Monthly Regular Player Scheme (£20/month) part-way through the membership year. If you think you've missed any payments or there is any reason why you cannot afford to pay your membership, please contact Edna, our Treasurer at

If you were a social member last year, remember we operate a members-only bar so please renew your social membership now. We've re-activated the door system and you'll need a current membership card to open it. If you're not a paid-up member then another member must sign you in when you visit. If you're a regular face and we think you really should have paid by now, you might even have to "ring the bell" above the bar!

So come on ladies and gentlemen, senior and junior... support your club, make your committee's lives easier and pay your membership now.


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