Sunday, 27 March 2011

Be heard. Help us run your club.

Hello members

We are looking to try and involve more of you in running the club.

This is great for you if you were thinking of getting more involved next year on the main committee as it's a good way to learn more about what might be involved before you take the plunge and stand for election.

It's good for the club because we get more ideas, more skills and more people power to make things happen. Right now we are looking for people to join group(s) to brainstorm and make decisions about:

Group 1: The future of our club and ensuring we have adequate facilities
Group 2: The clubhouse, bar and events
Group 3: Communication

We are also interested to hear from you if you would like to get involved in team management or important match day things like first aid or transport.

Please drop us a line to if you are willing to help.


Communications Officer

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