Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Flyer the Island - YOUR help needed!

Dear Members,

This Sunday 17th July we are going to let the Island know WHO we are and WHERE we are!!

Starting at 11am we want to get as many flyers into as many doors as possible - our aim is to get a flyer in every post and letter box on the Isle of Dogs - and that's where we need YOU!!

You don't need to commit all day, if you can just pop by, pick up some flyers and do maybe just your own street or block that would be fantastic. We'll have a big map of the island being marked off over the course of the day so we can see exactly how much area we have covered.

We did this last year (with just a tiny number of volunteers) and covered 85% of the Isle of Dogs - with YOUR help, we could make it 100% this year!

Please come along and help out for as much as you can. It is simply impossible to do without your help.

If you want to help but can't make it on Sunday, I will be at the clubhouse tonight (Wednesday) until 9pm and on Saturday for anyone who wants to pick up some flyers in advance - you just need to tell me what streets you can do!

This event is part of the whole club recruitment plan, so please do your bit to help spread the word about Millwall Rugby Club!

Thank you,

Kerry Attwood

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