Saturday, 22 October 2011

Children in the bar - not after 8pm Saturdays

Children in the bar

Our youth members as well as the children of our members will always be welcome at Millwall Rugby Club. And there will still always be special events for our youth members.

But in the clubhouse survey more than 65% of you said you wanted “adult time” in the evenings when you can relax and don’t need to worry about what you do or say in front of children. 12% of you said it was wrong that the club allowed children in its bar area at all.

So, following the recommendation of the clubhouse subcommittee, with immediate effect Saturday nights in the clubhouse will now be reserved for over 16s after 8pm. Time did not allow for further discussions, so the group gave some guidance to the club management committee (CMC) so that it can make a decision about children’s presence on other nights in the week at times when the bar is open.

Andrew Hesselden

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