Sunday, 9 October 2011

Interested in International Tickets for the RBS 6 Nations?

By virtue of our membership of the RFU, the club is fortunate to have access to England's RBS 6 Nations tickets that are not available freely to the general public.

The club offers these tickets to its members as one of the perks of membership. However if we did resell our whole allocation to a RFU  licensed hospitality operator we could make around £3,000 of income for the club this year.

We will communicate the process for applying for these tickets this coming week, but you are invited to express an interest in tickets NOW before 6pm Monday 10th October so that we are able to gauge how many tickets are wanted and how many we should release to a licensed hospitality operator. Please express your interest by emailing so that we can make an informed decision on Monday evening.

We have yet to decide the exact process this year for allocating then but this will be decided once we understand what demand is.

The games are:

  • England v Wales, 25th Feb 2012 KO 16.00, Home Twickenham (£80, £65, £56, £40)
  • England v Ireland, 17th Mar 2012 KO 17.00, Home Twickenham (£80, £65, £56, £40)

  • Scotland v England, 4th Feb 2012 KO 17.00 (prices not available yet)
  • Italy v England, 11th Feb 2012 KO 17.00 (prices not available yet)
  • France v England, 11th Mar 2012 KO 16.00 (prices not available yet)

To get access to these tickets, you first need to make sure your club membership is paid and up to date.  We are only allowed to let you purchase tickets if you have been a member for at least 2 weeks prior to purchase, so make sure you pay your club membership now if this affects you.

This week we will be confirming the process to apply for these tickets, so check your email.  Last year, our tickets went within 1 hour for most games.

Members will get this email if you are signed up to receive General Club News.

Andrew, Dave & Edna
Club Secretary, Club Chairman and Club  Treasurer

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