Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Approved bar volunteers list

In the interests of the good governance of the club and its assets, which are owned by you our members, Clubhouse Committee & the Club Management Committee has decided to introduce a "list of approved people to work on the bar, serve drinks/operate till etc". This takes effect from today, Wed 23rd November.

Initially the list comprises:

  • All CMC members (Dave, Andrew, Edna, Randall, Louise, Ryan and Kerry)
  • Martin (Wiggy) Ward
  • Sheridan Cryer
  • Gareth Parkhill
  • Sophie Buckman
  • Mike Beech
  • Andrea Bielska
  • Paul Fisher
These people have all agreed to take responsibility for learning what they need to know about opening/closing the bar, locking up, till procedures, barrel changing, stock control, food/beverage hygiene, licensing law etc.

For situations such as busy nights, when it might be helpful to have an extra helper, other club members may operate the bar so long as they are supervised by one of these approved people (and then leave the bar when the approved person steps out from the bar).

Operationally, this list of approved people will be maintained by the Secretary, displayed on the bar noticeboard and added to as needed with the approval of either the Secretary or the Chairman. New additions will be expected to take responsibility for learning what they need to know before being added.  If you want to be considered for the list you should contact the Secretary or Chairman.

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