Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Update from Clubhouse Committee Meeting 22nd Nov

A meeting of the Clubhouse Committee was held tonight and was well attended.

Here is a summary of info shared at the meeting and decisions made:

  • Kronenbourg will soon be replaced with a new premium lager, Budweiser Budvar 5% and will be launched at just £2.90 per pint.
  • Wiggy, Gareth & Ryan will now have some discretion to trial new products, so let them know if you have any requests. They will also have some discretion on promotional pricing so that the club's stock is managed in the best interests of our members and we reduce wastage.
  • Gaymers will stay for the time being but will now be sold at the incredible new price of £2 per pint and Magners Apple will be withdrawn to reduce stock costs.
  • Our bar volunteers have decided they are willing to work for you guys completely for the love of it, so clubhouse credits have been withdrawn. Read more.
  • With immediate effect there is now a "list of approved bar people". Read more.
  • The new hire process was noted. Read more.
  • Children are now welcome in the clubhouse only until 8pm on any night of the week when the bar is open. This appears to be in line with the wishes of most of our members (importantly, players) and is in line with the need to protect younger members and members' children. Exceptions to this may be advertised from time to time for children/family focused events.
  • Sophie is looking into checking that we are still fully compliant with COSHH and Fire Safety and that our bar volunteers know their responsibilities
  • Gareth is going to be looking into the sound/audio equipment and look at replacing some of the equipment Dawn & Kev loaned us - anyone interested in donating, please contact Gareth.
  • Our bar volunteers are now going to be cleaning the bar and tables instead of our paid cleaner so that she can focus her time (and hence the club's money) on other areas. Our cooks will continue to clean up the kitchen after use, and anyone providing food must not leave leftovers in the fridges for someone else to dispose of.
  • Sheridan is going to look after Food & Beverage hygiene standards and ensure fridge/ovens etc are kept clean.
  • Mike Beech will work with our treasurer on stock control, till procedures and ullage.
  • Clubhouse Committee is keen to start the process of looking for a new clubhouse manager and two people have already expressed interest.  In the interest of fairness and getting the best deal for the club, we invite proposals by 7th Dec. Read more.
You will see that a number of people have stepped up and taken responsibility for things to save the club (and you our members) money.  A big thank you to all who have volunteered.

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