Thursday, 15 March 2012

Additional Bar Staff Team

We're looking for some new bar volunteers to join our bar team.

You'll may already be aware that for our bar to open we now insist upon having a "duty manager" present at all times.  Their job is to open up properly, close up properly and ensure that anyone working on the bar is using the till correctly.  They change barrels, make sure fridges are restocked and make sure that the bar is cleaned and closed down properly ready for the next opening.

So far this year, this has worked really well. But we now need to get some extra volunteers, who don't want that responsibility yet, but who can help our running the bar at busy times as additional bar staff. Then, these additional bar staff might end up being duty managers for next season.

If you are willing to join our Bar Team as an "Additional Member of Staff", please contact Ryan (

If we don't get any volunteers, we will have to look at revising our opening hours to limit them just to the hours we have enough committee volunteers.

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