Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Can you project manage Rest Of the World day?

The annual Rest Of the World day is fast approaching.

It's always a great day and is a chance to celebrate the end of a long season by rubbing it in the face of the English or Rest Of the World players - depending on how you swing...

Anyways, we need someone to volunteer to project manage this day.

It's not very difficult and you'll have plenty of help from people (myself and Wiggy included) but it just needs you to take charge and make sure that anything you delegate actually goes ahead.

It would be a sad day if it didn't go ahead due to nobody stepping forward. It's been an annual fixture for so long I think the England side are almost due a new wooden spoon ;-p

So are you willing or able to manage it?

The list of things that need doing isn't very long and it almost takes care of itself. We don't want to end up with a bunch of shoulder shrugs and blank looks when people ask who was in charge of such and such.

Anyways, please email me to indicate your interest (

Daryl Gera

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