Saturday, 14 April 2012

Nomination of Honorary Life Members

The management committee would like to remind members of the nomination process for Honorary Life Membership.

Honorary Life membership confers the same benefits of Life Membership, but may be awarded from time to time at the Management Committee's discretion.  Cases when the committee might decide to award life membership might include (but are not limited to):

  • Significant contribution (in effort, in time, professional services, pro bono work, or financial) to the club or the club's affiliated charity. Usually the monetary value would significantly exceed the normal cost of buying life membership.
  • Long service or particular dedication in some way to the club as a volunteer, committee member or similar.
Honorary Life Membership may be removed at the club's committee's discretion, in the event of misconduct or instances of bringing the club into disrepute. In the rare and unlikely event of this happening, this would probably only be done at the recommendation of a properly convened club disciplinary committee. Honorary Life Membership can, of course, be awarded to current life members or life member partners, but no refund would be due.

So how do you nominate someone?

  • Any paid up club member can nominate another person for Honorary Life Membership by emailing or writing to any of the current club management committee members who will ask the secretary to include it for discussion at the next CMC meeting where time is available.

Andrew Hesselden
14th April 2012

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  1. This process has now been updated. Please see the new version here