Sunday, 29 April 2012

Summary Minutes from April CMC Meeting

On Sunday 15th April a meeting of the Club Management Committee (CMC) was held.

Here is a set of published minutes (pdf) which include..

  • Coach recruitment progress
  • Membership
  • Starting a men's playing subcommittee
  • Business rates
  • Ground rent
  • Incorporation, CASC and possible constitution changes
  • Provision of player transport & Physios
  • Governance - ensuring expenditure is properly authorised
  • Re-evaluation of affordability of ongoing expenditure.
  • House of Commons Dinner
  • Rest of the World Day
  • International Tickets
  • Signage
  • Touch rugby for the summer - organisation of and advertisement of.

The full, unedited minutes are available to members upon request by email to the secretary.

For convenience here are links to previous sets of minutes/updates:


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