Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Clubhouse Openings & Announcements Week of August 20th

Hi All!

We just wanted to let you know of the activities going on around the clubhouse for this week and also some additional announcements. 

Firstly, we’d like to thank everyone who volunteered, played and came out for the Open Day!  I hope that you all were able to connect with old friends and meet some new ones too!  It was a great day to be hanging out with everyone!

Clubhouse Openings
Wiggy Wednesday – 22nd August
Why not come down to Wiggy Wednesday and just relax and hang out with some friends over a nice drink and some lovely food.  You can have a taste of Tex Mex with Chef Shezza’s delicious Chicken Fajitas.  Unfortunately, there is no draft lager in the clubhouse for Wednesday...  Seems we had an excellent time on Saturday... J

Clubhouse Open on Friday 24th August
The clubhouse will be open as of 19:30 on the 24th of August.  The draft lager will be back on tap by Friday (woo hoo).  What better way to start a bank holiday weekend than come down and have a few drinks with some friends?

Clubhouse Clear Out Day! – Sunday, 26th August

Fancy giving your pre-season training a kick-start and smashing things with hammers???
Well CMC member Gareth is running a clear out day at the clubhouse this coming Sunday starting from 10.30am.  Every 6 months or so, it is useful to blitz our clubhouse and get ourselves ready for the first weekend of the new season. We are looking to blitz the office, out the back and the 2nd arch.
We need more people to help with this, so please email gareth@millwallrugby.com to put your name forward.  (There are also rumours the CHO Ryan may stand the helpers a drink or two.. To be confirmed :-)
If anyone has a transit van which we can use for the day please also email gareth@millwallrugby.com as then we can minimise the trips we have to take to the tip at the top of the Island. If not, if you can bring down cars and we can share the load that way.
Bring some gloves and wear scruffy gear as it is bound to get dusty…

Reminders & Announcements

Autumn International Tickets
We’d just like to remind everyone that Application for the International Autumn Tickets closes today.  Please visit this link http://millwallrugby.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/autumn-internationals-applications-for.html for more information.

Social Ideas
Please email socialsecretary@millwallrugby.com if you have any ideas or would like to suggest any social activities for the club.  Unfortunately, we won’t be able to do them all but we’d like to hear from you!

We’d like to remind you that some of our memberships will be coming up for renewal over the next few months.  Please be mindful to renew your memberships. Please email membership@millwallrugby.com if you have any questions.  Please visit our website for membership information for the basics: http://www.millwallrugby.com/membership/paymembership.html

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