Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Social Activities & Announcements - Week of August 27th

Hi All,

Please note the activities going on during the week and this week’s announcements.

Clubhouse Openings

Hargreaves Hump Day – August 29th
You were worried that we wouldn’t be open on Wednesday since Wiggy is away and sunning himself in his speedo's in the south of France, Peter Stringfellow style.  Of course the clubhouse is open, Gareth Hargreaves will be filling in for Wiggy and has named his Wednesday coverage as Hargreaves Hump Day.  Why not come down to the clubhouse and share a drink and laugh with Gareth whom may respond to the name of Wiggy if you say it enough times…  

This Wednesday not only marks the birth of Michael Jackson (Wacko Jacko nee 29/08/58) but also the Opening Ceremony of the Paralympics.  Come on down and eat some great food and cheer on our new group of athletes that will be going head to head to get medals for themselves and their countries.  The Opening Ceremony starts at 8:30 pm and will be aired in the clubhouse.  The clubhouse will open at 7:30 pm.

Chef Shezza will be serving a gold medal award winning chicken and chorizo risotto with garlic bread for dinner.

Inspired by the Olympics and Paralympics?  Cheese is leading his weekly workout from 7:30 to 8:30 pm in the park for £5 per person.  The workouts are tough but really great and you’ll notice a difference immediately!   

Fantastic Friday – August 31st

Our delicate Irish Flower, Adrienne will be opening the clubhouse for us on Friday from 7:30 onwards.  Why not come down and watch the Paralympics with her and engage a bit of banter.  The Paralympics Athletics will be broadcast on this day, so come on down, watch some excellent sports, have a few drinks and exchange some banter..

Clubhouse & Games - Saturday, September 1st

What a fantastically rugby filled day!  We have rugby on the tele and our own teams are playing away at Hackney.  The times are to be confirmed for the Hackney games but we’ll be sure to let you know so you can go out and cheer on the women and men’s teams.   The clubhouse will be open from 3 onwards.

So feel free to either go out to Hackney to support our teams or come down to the clubhouse.  Please see the link below if you’re not sure where the Hackney Rugby Club is located.


Monthly Clothing/Kit Clear-out

Have you left any clothing/coats/kit/boots at the club over the summer??? We have laid out the various bits of clothing left over the last few months in the clubhouse onto the blue sofas - so why not pop down this Wednesday or Friday evening to see if you can be reunited with those long lost pairs of boots, training top or.......brand new School Uniform (10/1 bet this is Wiggy's)!!!

Any items not collected by the end of this Saturday (1st September) will be disposed of (with no exceptions).

Please note we have a monthly clothing/kit clear-out on the 1st Saturday of every month due to the fact that space is at a premium in our clubhouse (especially with the Porta-kabin on the farm now gone). So please ensure you take any of your items before then as any items left in the clubhouse after this date will be disposed of (with no exceptions).


Not a paid member yet or need to renew your old membership? 

We’d like to remind you that some of our memberships will be coming up for renewal over the next few months.  Please be mindful to renew your memberships and to sign up if you’re currently not a member.  Please email if you have any questions or  visit our website for membership information,  to sign up and pay:


Interested in volunteering behind the bar?  Please email if you’d like to volunteer.  Those that are currently trained should have access to sign up but please feel free to contact him if you need access again.

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