Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Clubhouse Openings, Events & Announcements - 10/09/12

Hi All,

This is the weekly clubhouse openings along with announcements. 

This Week!

Hargreaves Hump Day -  Wednesday , 12/09/12

September 12, 1990 "US, England, France, USSR, East and West Germanys sign agreements allowing the 2 Germanys to merge"

Come down to the clubhouse and celebrate the early stages of German re-unification with a Becks beer (other brands available), and build up your tolerances in anticipation of the BierFest events we have coming up.  Chef Shezza will be cooking up a delicious Moroccan chicken for dinner.

Also, Cheese will have his weekly bootcamp for £5 each in Millwall Park from 7:30-8:30 pm.  Come on down, work out, eat and be merry!

Wiggy’s Weekend Warm-Up – Friday, 14/09/12

Come down to the clubhouse for some good banter with Wiggy on Friday night.  Start the weekend off with a good start with some laughs and drinks.

Clubhouse Opening and Games, Saturday 15/09/12

The clubhouse will be open although the time is still TBC.  The men’s teams are playing three games on Saturday so be sure to stay tuned for times and locations of the games if you’d like to go out and support them.

Save the Date!

Kennington Park Oktoberfest – Thursday, September 27th  

TGIF Returns  ‘Back to the 90s Party’– Friday, September 28th


RFU Grand Draw (Lights Fund)

The club desperately needs it's members to help raise funds for floodlights so that we can train this coming Winter. I'm sure you have all seen how quick the nights are drawing in now.

Each year, the RFU presents club with an amazing way to print cash. It's called the RFU Grand Draw and clubs get to keep 90% of all the revenue they get from ticket sales.  If everyone on our club mailing list bought just 2 x £5 books of tickets, then the club would make over £7,000!  Most importantly last year’s top prize was £10,000!

Gareth Hargreaves has kindly agreed to co-ordinate the admin for the draw this year with the help of the playing team members and the bar staff who will be selling the tickets.

We don't have the actual tickets in hand as yet (we are due to get these at the start of October). In the meantime, you can still buy 'tickets' so we can get the monies in asap. If you want to buy some tickets, please fill out the raffle pre-order logs along with giving your money (either speak to Shaf/Louise or the bar staff). Gareth will then post the actual tickets (retaining the stubs for entry in the draw) once we have them, so please ensure your address on the log is correct.

In the coming week we also hope to be able to get a web-page set up as well where you can buy tickets.

Video of Matt Shorrock’s Testimonial Match

Tim has added a short video of Matt Shorrock's testimonial match to the Millwall Facebook Video page and also on YouTube.  This is an opportunity for the players to see themselves on video.  Also, some players may not play again for the club due to retirement or moving away so it has become a bit of a historical record.

Tim will also put together a DVD which will contain all of the photos that both he and Edna took on that day along with a full 15 minute video of the game. These will be sold for £15 at the clubhouse with all of the proceeds to be contributed to the Flood Lights Fund.

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