Wednesday, 19 September 2012

This Week's and Upcoming Events!

Hi All,

Please read below for this week’s events and notifications about future events…

Wicked Wednesday - Wednesday, 19th of September
Adrienne will be hosting this week’s Wicked Wednesday.  Come on down for some good laughs and drinks.  Chef Shezza will be cooking Malaysian Curry for all of those that are hungry.  Also, Cheese will be leading his usual workout in the park from 7:30 to 8:30 for £5.  Clubhouse will be open from 7:30 pm onwards.

Drinks at the Nelson - Thursday, 20th of September
Pete and Rose are soon to be leaving the Island and the Nelson at the end of the month. Some of us have alternate plans this Saturday and may not be able to spend as much time down there saying good-bye. They've helped out the club alot in their time on the Island and what better way to say thank you than to have an evening down there. Pete will be putting on some nibbles for us. So head on down after work so we can give them a good Millwall send off.

Wiggy’s Weekend Warm-Up, Friday 21st of September
Wiggy will be hosting this Friday at the clubhouse from 19:30 onwards.  It’s a great way to begin the weekend with great drinks and banter.

Saturday Opening – 22nd of September
Clubhouse opening TBC.  The men’s teams will have games on this Saturday so head on out and cheer them on.

Upcoming Events

Oktoberfest in Kennington Park – Thursday, 27th of September
We have decided to go to Oktoberfest beer tents that are in Kennington Park. Please follow the link for more info. The entry is free and we just need to rock up, get seats, drink, eat and hang out...

Just head on down after work if you like, the tents are open from 16:00-23:00 on Thursdays
This event may be cancelled if there isn’t any additional interest.

TGIF Returns - ‘Back to the 90s’ Party – Friday 28th of September
Yes, folks the ladies of the Venus team are hosting their 5th party at the clubhouse with a 90’s theme.  So dust off those 90s clothes (if you fancy dressing up) and head on down to the clubhouse where you will be able to partake in delicious food, great drinks, good tunes, and games.   For those feeling peckish – fresh seafood will be on the menu.   Are you in the mood for fantastic shots?  Well you’re in luck, jelly shots will be available at £1 and polish vodka for £2.  Also, beer pong will be up for offer for the low price of £12 (for the jug and cups).  So get ready to have excellent aim folks, so you can hit the cup each time!  Money will be raised to help the club get the much needed flood lights in Millwall Park so come down and give generously.  See you there!

Save the Date!
Backyard Beach Party – October 13th
Bavarian Beerhouse – Oktoberfest Celebration – October 18th
Please RSVP when you can since we need to reserve places.

All of the events are on Facebook, so RSVP there if you're interested in attending...

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