Wednesday, 1 May 2013

England v Rest of the World Videos on You Tube

For anyone who hasn't seen the England v Rest of the World Videos on Facebook, here they are on You Tube in versions that are perhaps more phone friendly.

They are abut 6 mins long and contain the highlights

  • Andrea's 5 tries
  • Shaun Cook's ball carrying technique and positioning of the arms as Ash found out
  • Scott's bundling into touch and Jack Rowland's try, slightly off camera
  • Interesting scrum techniques especially the use of hooking in uncontested scrums
  • A gross injustice being landed on the Chairman who was sin-binned very unfairly 
  • Longey's mazy runs around the RoW players
  • Michelle G's run with RoW desperately trying to stop it
  • Amy's conversion record
  • Our referee Mr Gossip in action

Women's Game

Men's Game

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