Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Millwall's Clubhouse Opening Hours & Events!

Millwall’s Clubhouse Opening Hours & Events!

Hargreaves Hump Day, Wednesday 15th of May 7:30 pm

Fisher will be the replacement DM this Wednesday and Sheridan will be whipping up dinner.  Come on down and make sure that you get your orders in early.

Clubhouse Open, Friday 17th of May  19:30

Sheridan will be opening on Friday night.

Heineken Cup & Eurovision Party, Saturday 18th of May 16:00

The Heineken Cup starts around 5 pm and Eurovision begins around 8 pm.

Since we all had a good laugh last year, we thought we’d do it again!

Laughing at others is never quite as much fun when done on one’s own, so why not join us all shouting abuse at BBC1? Maybe you’re from an actual European country and get your kicks from venting spleen back at Little Englanders? We have the event for you. Or maybe you just have an insatiable appetite for all things camp ‘n’ kitsch and fabulous darling? Well, put down those power tools & join us you sequined superstars. Or maybe you genuinely just love the music and the oh so shiny lights & sequins.

Whatever the case, there’ll be party games & a fancy dress competition (with prizes!!) to help you cheer on your country of choice; stagger home; and somewhat inevitably forget who actually won the damned thing, just like every other year.

Should you wish to join Wiggy, he’ll be dusting down his Dutch milkmaid’s outfit & opening the clubhouse.

Clubhouse Open, Sunday 19th of May - Special Opening, Return of the Gumps

Fisher will be opening and it may be around 4:30 pm/5 pm on the safe side.  Check Facebook for definite times on the day!

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