Friday, 20 September 2013

First Aid Course - Sunday October 13th

RFU Emergency First Aid for Sport

The Clubhouse

Sunday October 13th  9.30am to 5pm

Cost: £32.50\£65

Applications close: Tuesday September 24th

We're running the above course for Physios\First Aid volunteers and Club Members so we have people at the games and in the club house in the event of accidents. Its an excellent course, designed specifically for Rugby and also counts towards First Aid at Work if you need one of those.

The club will fund half the course if you make yourself available as a club registered First Aider and regularly attend games or clubhouse events so its a very reasonable £32.50 for an excellent course which is also a lot of fun. If you'd like to do the course but prefer not to commit, you can pay the public price of £65.

We've reserved 6 places for the physios so the remaining 6 will be available to club members. Managers\Players and frequent attenders of the clubhouse will be given first preference.

To book, email by Tuesday September 24th to check there are still places.

Payments must be made by Thursday September 26th with confirmation to and If there is sufficient interest or you miss these dates, check back with us and we'll run another one or alert you in the event of a cancellation.

Further details on the course from the provider



Tim McDonagh
Rugby Development Officer
Millwall Rugby Club
75 Manchester Road - London - E14 3DN
+44 7795 436715 -

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