Thursday, 26 September 2013

Millwall RFC III v Old Brents III at home

Evening all,

on behalf of Andy would like to announce the following team for Saturday's only match in the club:

1andy Stephens
2shaun score - beers
3kevin Reese
4a dola-lami - match report
6cuddles - water
7mike Taylor
8matt bovaird - subs
9dan blades
10scott v
11shawn brown
12George Mulock - post protectors
13Phil Whittaker
14Luca Seale - flags
15jack Rowland
17James Gough
18Tom brown
19Alessandro medi kit
21Ryan k
22Dave r
23Jake Vinnicombe
24Dan Hadden

Meet time is 1pm, kickoff is at 2.30pm. If you have any questions/queries about selection please get in touch with

For all those not playing let's get down there and cheer the boys on (with a couple of beers for the vocal chords of course...)

See everyone on Saturday.


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