Thursday, 17 October 2013

A message from Lady Chair

There is a real buzz around the rugby club at the moment. Many new faces have joined us this season and have quickly settled in to the ‘We play hard on AND off the pitch’ attitude that has long been upheld at Millwall.

Success is beginning to be reaped on the pitch and ‘The Committee’ are determined to ensure that you, the members, continue to receive the support, facilities and resources that you and the rugby club need going forward.

The Committee is here to represent you and to drive the club forward in the direction that you want.

In order to support this aim The Committee have invited the RFU (Neil Sweeney) to run a ‘Development Planning’ workshop on Saturday 26th October, at the Clubhouse from 10am to 12pm. If you are on Facebook, please 'join' this event to say you can make it.

We need your views on where you want the club to be in 1,2,3 years time and your suggestions on what we need to do to get there.

The Committee acknowledges that The Club faces a number of barriers and challenges, many of which are unique to Millwall. We need your perspective on what these are and how we might all work together in overcoming them.

A start was made in collating views through the online survey and a ‘BIG THANK YOU’ to those who were able to find the time to complete this. The outcomes from this survey will form the starting point for the discussions on Saturday 26th October.

It is important that as many members attend as possible. It is crucial that you use this opportunity to have your say and support Millwall Rugby Club moving forward. 

As a small incentive and thank you for attending, bacon butties and sausage rolls will be provided. 

Please encourage as many members and players as you can to attend.

I look forward to seeing you all there.

Lady Chair

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