Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Clubhouse Openings This Week!


Hopefully you all had a good weekend. Congratulations go to Randall and Sophie and 1sts and 2nds for 2 great victories!

We have four games scheduled for this weekend, with the 2nds at home (1430 kick off).  This should make for a really busy Saturday night down at the club, so make sure you get down and celebrate three victories with your team mates before crawling to the 5 bells. The 4th victory will come on the Sunday when Venus play.

The club will be open this week on the following evenings;

"Curry Wednesdays" - DM GH open from 730PM
Thats right, Gareth's back from holidays with his 'light tan'. We have recorded the NZ v SA game from Saturday and we will be showing it again for those who want to watch it. So come on down and order some curry and spend the evening listening to Gareth P and Sean R waxing lyrical about southern hemisphere rugby.

Karen's Weekend Warmup - DM KA open from 730PM
Karen will be opening this Friday to ease you into the busy weekend! 

Saturday main event - DM GH open from 3PM
Join your team mates and help celebrate a clean sweep of victories this season (hopefully).  If you are not playing then make sure you come down to watch the 2nds in their home game, or travel to the 1st or 3rds game! SHOW YOUR SUPPORT!!!!
We look forward to seeing you!

P.S. Don't forget that Venus are playing at East London on Sunday (1430 KO) so make the short trip and show your support there as well.

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