Friday, 29 November 2013

Improve Your Playing - Coaching Open Night

What do you need to do to be a Better Rugby Player?

Next Tuesday, we'll have an Open Evening which is all about how people can be better rugby players.

There are obviously several ways that this can happen and all of them involve you doing something e.g. getting fitter, understanding a key aspect of the game, improving a personal skill etc. Some of this you can recognise yourself and some can be pointed out by someone e.g. a fellow player or someone dedicated to do this - a coach

The night is billed as a coaching Open night but its about more than the club developing coaches, its about players understanding what it is to play rugby and how you can get better. We'll use some video footage of Millwall games to generate some thoughts and  the night will have the Essex Coaching Co-ordinator

Coaching Open Night  

December 3rd – 7.30pm-9.00pm

How do players get better, what is coaching and what is it in the context of rugby. Why do people want to coach?
Video Analysis session using footage from Millwall games as an example
RFU Coaching structure and how people are guided through it. Coaching courses coming up and how to get onto them plus coaching in Millwall
Coaching in terms of individual and team, strength and conditioning, tactics
The Laws and how to use them to your advantage (Mike - your input will be valuable)
Running a session or drills, the EDICT model, explain, demonstrate, imitate, correct etc

Video from examples including

Women's game and Men's games e.g

Rest of the World - Men

Venus -

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