Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Clubhouse opening, games and important notices (w/c 7/4)

Club Games:
Congratulations to the first team in scoring a whopping 100 or 102-0 against Brightlingsea (even England's cricket team would be happy with that score!!)

We currently do not have any games scheduled this weekend (although we are still awaiting the semi-final draw and dates) - but we do have the Girls vs Boys event (#2) on Saturday night so make sure you make the effort and come down and support your team.

Club Openings:
Wednesday - Open from 7.30pm You have the dynamic duo of Flex and Gareth looking after you this Wednesday. We will also be ordering curry for anyone who wants it after training.
Friday - Open from 7.30pm  
Our newest duty manager, Lucie, is running Friday - so come down and place all your weird and wacky drinks orders to test Lucie. 

Saturday - Boys vs Girls Event #2 - Open from 5pm What promises to be a great evening, Flex will be opening the clubhouse from 5pm today (as we have no games) to welcome the Boys and Girls teams to kick off a good night in the 2nd round of the Girls vs Boys event.Will the Girls level the series at 1-1 or will the Boys 'streak' ahead at 2-0, and will Cookie defy gravity with a cereal box again??

Special Notice #1 - End of Season Dinner Tickets on sale from Saturday night.
Saturday evening will be the launch of end of season diner tickets going on sale, so we will set up a laptop on the bar so that you can buy your tickets and take advantage of the early-bird pricing.

Special Notice #2 - Anna's running the Marathon.
For those of you who don't know, Wiggy's long suffering better half (Anna) is due to run the London Marathon on the Sunday. There is a collection box on the bar for her charity she is fundraising for. Please dig deep and put what you can in the collection box. 

Or you can click here if you prefer to donate online.

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