Saturday, 27 September 2014

About Subs and Membership fees

Just a reminder if you’ve been in a deep slumber for the past few weeks that our membership fees and some match day subs have increased. Astute playing members will have noticed that the new price of £50 is more than the experimental £40 we charged last year, but this is still less than the £60 we were charging for men’s playing membership a couple of years ago.


Well we looked at what we think we will spend in 2014/2015 on transport, coaching, equipment, ref fees, pitch hire, physio support, first aid supplies, strapping tape, balls, shirts, laundry, post-match free food, free beers, and more. And in short: we realised what we were charging at the moment together with what we expect to make in profits from the clubhouse wasn’t looking like it would be enough to cover it.

I’m hoping to get these numbers presented nicely soon to show you what we mean.

Hopefully sponsorship wins and cost savings throughout the year will enable us to review the charges again.

Membership Options this year

Our standing order scheme is usually the best value way of paying for your rugby at Millwall. It’s £25 per month paid over a 12-months making a total commitment of £300 over the year. This figure includes membership and all subs. If you play more than 16 matches this season this is better value for you and in the past the club has let members on this continue year-after-year without increasing the amount. Contact to set it up.

If you’re feeling flush this month… Life membership is £1000 and includes all membership fees and subs for life.

Really can’t afford it?

If you really can’t afford your club membership (as opposed to just preferring to spend your money elsewhere), our treasurer (alone) has the discretion to waive it or reduce it on a special exception basis if you approach her with a persuasive case explaining why it’s too much for you. Contact – If you don’t do this, your team manager will expect you to pay what is due in line with other members. If you are struggling to pay your match day subs too, please contact the treasurer as she has the discretion to approve a waiver for a limited period.

Isn’t the committee listening?

Yes. And we’re really busy trying to do something about the finances. We want the club to enjoy another 20 years on the pitch with all of you playing.

We want to make rugby affordable and will do all we can to encourage more people to play. Your playing chairmen/women all sit on the committee and have been involved all the way in the decision making and understanding the issues voted for the changes. Many of the management committee are current or recent players anyway.

We are currently looking into costs and charges as a matter of urgency to keep them as low as we can afford to. In the meantime, please do what you can to support the club and make your team manager’s life easy by making yourself available and paying the amounts they ask you for as contribution to the club’s costs.

PS... Don't forget to read Robin's post from Wednesday too for more on this topic.

Communications Officer

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