Monday, 15 September 2014

Dedicated 2s and 3s Coaching

2s and 3s Coaching Sections - Starting Monday September 22  

This year, we'll have supplementary 2s and 3s coaching on Monday nights which will run in parallel with the normal training. All players will warm up and do initial drills together and then split along squad lines for about 30 mins to allow teams to practise items, look at problems from the Saturday game and plan for the following Saturday before all squads come together again for the rest of the session. Tim McDonagh will be putting his Level 1 and 2 coaching courses into action for you.

In particular, the emphasis will be on skills and technical work, both at an individual and team level, we'll do a mix of forwards and backs skills with everyone taking part as it sometimes happens that people switch or play out of position for some reason. We'll also focus on what the different positions are and what players do in them The full list of items is below and there will be a calendar of training that we will base sessions off with some tweaks to allow for game feeback.

Monday September 22

The first full night will be  Monday September 22 and will focus on
1. Technical - Tacking
2. Position Focus - Scrum half
2. Move - Scrum, Blind side winger creates an extra man

We'll do video analysis and review it in the clubhouse afterwards

Rest of the year Items - 2 of which will be the focus for a night

Areas of Focus

  • Tacking
  • Passing - switch, loop, pop, drift, over, under, quick hand, receiving the pass
  • Rucking
  • Mauling
  • Lineouts
  • Scrums, Play from Scrums
  • Back row moves
  • Backs moves, A1, A2, A3, Jockey, 
  • Kicking (as much as the light allows), territorial, tactical, positional
  • Defensive, basics, rush (Millwall 2014) difference to drift, umbrella 
  • Continuity in Attack incuding Support
  • Attacks - deep and shallow alignment, "fix" defenders
  • Restarts


  • Attacking wide from left hand scrum
  • Attacking mid field from left hand scrum
  • Attacking left off a midfield scrum on halfway
  • Attacking right from a midfield scrum inside opponents 22m line
  • Attacking wide from left hand lineout
  • Attacking wide from right hand lineout
  • Attacking midfield from left hand lineout
  • Utilising a blind side wing in attack (small, fast and agile player)
  • Utilise a large powerful wing in an attacking strike play
  • Utilise your unfit but powerful fullback

Play from Scrum Tasks:

1. Backrow move going right
2. Backrow move going left
3. No8 pick and go
4. Blindside wing as a penetrator
5. Blindside wing creating an extra man
6. 12 coming short
7. 13 coming short
8. Rangi- outside centre switches with 10
9. 10 and 12 switch
10. 8 to 9 going left
11. Box kick form scrum
12. Play from scrum on centre of half way way line.
13. Play from scrum 5 metres from the opposition tryline

Play from Lineout tasks:

1. Ball off top middle
2. Front ball
3. Back ball
4. Catch and drive
5. Back peel
6. Quick ball 9 to 12
7. 10 loops 12
8. Miss pass 10 to 13, 15 hits the line
9. Cut out pass to blindside wing
10. Slice – 10, 13 comes short and 12 runs behind 13 and receives the pass from 10
11. Only forwards used to go with the flow
12. Get the ball quickly to the wings from 1st phase
13. Using 15 on the narrow side , 20m space.
14. Front peel

Play from a restart tasks:

1. Receiving a kick off going left
2. Receiving a kick off long going right
3. Receiving a short kick off
4. Regaining a short kick off
5. Regaining a 12m kick off
6. Receiving a short 22m drop out
7. Receiving a long 22m drop out.

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