Friday, 5 December 2014

Love Instagram, Vines, YouTube? Terrific at Tweeting?

Hello everyone!

Just a note to say I'm looking to set up a Communications Subcommittee so that we can extend the good work the club does with social media, video, Twitter, blogging, the programme etc.

This isn't necessarily about creating meetings, although we will probably occasionally: I'm looking for people who are interested in:

1. Instagram
2. Vines
3. YouTube
4. Twitter
5. Facebook
6. Copywriting
7. Press/PR
8. Photography
9. Videography

And... of course, "Rugby"!

I'd like to create a panel of people interested in creating quality content who will work closely with me to help promote the playing activities of the club, including our O2Touch scheme.

Please drop me a line at if you're interested.

Communications Officer

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