Friday, 12 December 2014

Rugby Basics Kicking and Positions(2s and 3s players welcome) Sat Dec 13 2014

Tomorrow's session looks like the following. If there are 2s or 3s players available, it would be great to have you down to help and take part

Rugby Basics - Lesson Plan Saturday December 13


Teach the Positions through a game
Kicking Basics


Rugby Netball (small square) progressing into Aussie Rules (larger pitch)
Two teams, bibs on one, pass the ball to each other, ball receiver cannot run. Aim to pass to player in the goal zone. Passing, movement, communications.


WHOLE Aussie Rules with kicking. Receiver catches and calls "Mark" Objectives to kick to players. Vary  the styles - overhead = punt, low - grubber.


PART - Pairs of kickers and catchers. Different types of kick, punt, grubber, drop kick
Back to Aussie rules o try it out

Break - Water

Game to Demonstrate Positions

Shoulder Warm up - if dry - wrestle partner off back and onto front. If wet, hand slapping in press up
Revise Tower of Power going into Ruck
Game - Grab Touch
1. Prop - Ball Carriers, 2 to tackle
2. Props Scrum half - 2x2 scrum
3. Focus on No 10 and backs - running lines, depth, centres, winger
4. Bring in Kick to full back, marked goal zone.

If Time allows - do PART on switch, loop


  • Cones
  • Tackle Suits


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  1. Wow. Looks great Tim! Looking forward to it!