Thursday, 22 January 2015

5th February - Thirst Thursday - The Ledger Building, West India Quay

January has been hard.

I know some of you are fighting against nature and common sense with this "Dry January" fad, (which I assume will go the same way as pocket watches and crinolines and die out eventually if we all ignore it enough). So as a special treat, and to help those of you who get lost easily, February will be a nice easy one to find, especially for those of you who were there last month.

The Ledger will be hosting us again on the 5th of February, (best they don't know about this until we are already there and its too late).

Advance scouting party reports from last month indicate there was:

- Beer
- A table
- One or two seats
- No cockney bombs
- No Unicum
- Bizarrely enough, Pimms on tap.
- Massive amounts of Nachos, etc.

Order a double round at 10:55pm then get hassled to leave from 11:00pm until you get out at.............. The Ledger in West India Quay

4 Hertsmere Road
West India Quay
Greater London
E14 4AL

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