Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Saturday Training - What happens in the Positions, what does the Fly-Half\Full-Back\Flanker actually do?

On Saturday morning 10am-12, we'll look at what happens in the various playing positions, where should you stand, what are you expected to do, what physique, skills are needed etc. We'll explore what happens using games and game scenarios and cover as many of the positions as possible. Everyone should have a go even if you don't play or plan to play there.

Open to All

As with all Saturday mornings, this coaching session is open to everyone, male and female. We'll avoid contact for this part of the session given people have games afterwards. Players experienced in the positions are especially welcome, come down at 11am and help out those who want to learn more.

We'll also do some tackling and passing etc from 10 to 11am.


What they do: Their key objective is to win possession through turn-overs, using physicality in the tackle and speed to the breakdown.


What they do: The centres are key in both defence and attack. In defence they will attempt to tackle attacking players whilst in attack they will use their speed, power and creative flair to breach defences

Number 8

What they do: The Number 8 must secure possession at the base of the scrum, carry the ball in open play, provide the link between the forwards and backs in attacking phases and defend aggressively.

Scrum half

What they do: Provides the link between forwards and backs at the scrum and lineouts. A true decision-maker, the 9 will judge whether to distribute quick ball to the backs or keep it close to the forwards


What they do: The wings are on the pitch to provide the injection of out-and-out pace needed to outrun an opponent and score a try. Also important to be solid in defence.

Full back

What they do: Generally perceived as the last line of defence, the full back must be confident under a high ball, have a good boot to clear the lines and a enjoy the physicality required to make try-saving tackles

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