Sunday, 14 June 2015

Club help requests, meeting, openings & Touch Rugby (w/c 15/6)

Urgent Help Needed:
We have 2 youth events coming up where we need help to run and promote the club so anyone who helps will be greatly appreciated. 

Displaying image008.jpgSat 20th June (this coming Saturday)
Canary Wharf College are holding their annual summer fete on Millwall Park from 11am to 3pm and have requested us to have a presence there. We are looking for people so we can have Millwall shirts wandering around handing out flyers for Scott and throwing rugby balls helping kids who are interested in taking their first steps into rugby, and maybe opening the ClubHouse if a willing duty manager is around? Please let Scott know if you can help HERE

Tues 30th June - Schools Rugby World Cup
This is a massive opportunity for the club, with over 300 pupils will be playing rugby on Millwall Park. Scott is after volunteers to help with organisation and refereeing on the day. Timings will probably be similar to the above event, and many companies offer 'community days' for their employees to take for events like this. So if you can get the time off work and can help, please let Scott know HERE

Touch Rugby times:  Our sessions on Millwall Park will take place on the following Days and Times: 
  • Every Sunday 13:00 – 15:00
  • Every Monday 19:00 – 21:00
  • Every Thursday 19:00 – 21:00
In addition to this, we will be playing at Surrey Quays on Wednesday evenings. The kick-offs will vary between 18:30 and 20:00

Club Openings/Meetings: 
Monday - Open from 7pm 
Fisher (& maybe Ed + mini Ed) will be looking after you for this Monday. We are opening on Mondays during the summer season to tie in with Touch sessions (starting at 7pm). Come down to touch and have a few drinks afterwards.

Thursday - Open from 7pm 
Flex will be looking after you for this Thursday. We are opening on Thursdays during the summer season to tie in with Touch sessions (starting at 7pm). Come down to touch and have a few drinks afterwards. 

Open Day meeting - Thurs from 8pm in clubhouse
We will also be having our second organisation meeting for our club open day on 1st August in the clubhouse. We need more volunteers and helpers, so if you can make it, please accept the event invite on facebook HERE, or let Jo know HERE if you can help on the day itself.

Friday - Open from 7pm 

We are opening the club this Friday as one of our venus members, Alice Brewer, has booked the clubhouse for her leaving party. Everyone is welcome to come along and Brigitte will be looking after the bar for you.

Saturday - Open from 6pm
Ryan will be hosting you tonight, so make sure you get down early and order all weird and wonderful concoctions and cocktails to test his mettle (lager top and lager shandy are classed as a cocktail where Scott is from).

Sunday - Open from 3pm - 5pm  

Flex will be opening the clubhouse after the Sunday Touch sessions for a few hours so why come down to touch and have a few drinks afterwards. 

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