Monday, 22 June 2015

The Intangibles on tour in Bath

Millwall RFC’s Touch team, The Intangibles, took part in the RFU’s O2 Touch Tour in Bath*  last Saturday, the 20th June and performed creditably, reaching the semi-final only to lose to the eventual champions, the Maidenhead Mohawks. Most of the loss was officially attributed to Darryl, Dan and Ross forgetting about the ball and hunting for the Maidenhead.

As an added bonus, here’s a picture of Johnny Wilkinson drooling over our kit!
Millwall Intangibles 6 – 0 Royal Wootton Bassett RFC
Millwall Intangibles 6 – 1 ND Unit
Millwall Intangibles 6 – 1 Cheltenham RFC Tigers

Millwall Intangibles 8 – 1 Supermarine RFC

Millwall Intangibles 5 – 2 Chippenham RFC Cheetahs Black

Millwall Intangibles 0 – 6 Maidenhead Mohawks

Customer reviews:

Nigel Webb 5/5
Pros - I particularly enjoyed getting late tackled into Touch and conceding 6 tries in the semi-final. Also the girl wearing number 4 for Chippenham. Cor!
Cons – Fewer deckchairs than lifeboats on the Titanic and our driver to and from the venue insisted on playing Christmas songs.

Darryl Gera 5/5
Pros - The guy that got carded for full on rugby tackling Flex was one of the highlights. Also Scott and Nikki both wetting themselves over Johnny.
Cons - The lack of a TMO. Anybody that missed the tackle on Flex would have gone home disappointed. In lieu of a replay option, I think the ref should have made them do it again for the benefit of everyone. Ross not letting us play his Fantastic Mr Fox audio CD was a bit of a let down as well.

Ross Allison 5/5
Pros - Watching Scott and Nicola equally going weak at the knees when they saw Johnnie Wilkinson. 
Cons - Regrettably drinking all that free luminous Lucozade. Not having my music appreciated on the drive down and stopping every 5 minutes for Darryl 'Geriatric' Gera to pee.
David Paton 5/5
Pros - Touch finally beginning to make sense!!  Watching Nicky break the Olympic 100m record the minute she saw Jonny getting on stage…
Cons - Losing to a team who cruelly used pace against a team requiring several bottles of WD-40...

Nicola Jones 5/5
Pros - Meeting my dream boat....and now have the perfect  bedside ‎pic to kiss before I sleep. Despite being the oldest and most broken team (Scott's ankle injury, Ross' shoulder dislocation, and Darryl's general geriatric condition) we still showed the kids how it's done!
Cons - Johnnie didn't propose and he didn't offer a one night stand :-( it to win it.

Scott Vinnicombe 5/5
Pros - Captaining a side that despite its lack of youth and fitness made it to the semi finals and finished 3rd. Meeting Wilko. 
Cons - Captaining a side that didn't make the finals/win the competition. Missing out on the stash all finalist received- everyone loves stash. 

Randall Powell 5/5
Pros – It was nice to see a vets team make it to a semi-final.
Cons - The bar was too far away from the pitch.

Edna Schweizer 5/5
Pros - Making it all the way to the semi-final and that the bar was too far to walk for Randall
Cons - That I couldn't take any pictures of us in action.

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